A Mother’s Sacrifice.

Allright! So here's another one of those original writings. Although for this one, I've taken a few hints from some other topics, but the sum total of it resulted in this yet another short story. Unlike the other story, this one is very 'Indian' in nature .Read on and tell if me what you thought... Continue Reading →


GIIS Scholarship Exam Singapore.

As I prepared myself for the GIIS scholarship exam, it was absolutely no surprise that I found no data on the internet about the syllabus or the difficulty level of the exam whatsoever, and went into the exam hall just as clueless as the other students taking the same exam. So, having faced the GIIS... Continue Reading →

It Always Seems Impossible until its done.

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase,"It's Impossible!" ? And then, we find ourselves taking that one person's advice and backing away or stepping out of the way while someone else is doing that very thing! That's the nature of impossible. It always seems unattainable until it's done. Yes, it may... Continue Reading →

The so-called ICSE “Board Exam” Monster!

Having just finished my 10th Board exams, I think I'm qualified to say that the boards are just not as tough as is told to us in our entire schooling. Most schools set their pre-boards papers much tougher than the boards themselves, which is of course good since it prepares us for the worst. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

A Journey To Be Remembered.

As I've said previously before, I'm going to try cough up some original writing on this blog. So here is a short composition/story that I've written. Read it and tell me what you think in the comments down below. Hopefully you'll like the ending! A Journey To Be Remembered. "Look out!", cried the Captain. I... Continue Reading →

Hello! It’s me.

Hey there! I'm so glad you are here. I'm Ravija Maheshwari. I'm 19 y/o but can oscillate between the maturity of a 10 year old to that of a 25 year old. I love animals and I can guitar pretty well! I started this blog 3 years ago and blogged about all sorts of things.... Continue Reading →

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