Paris – The Its and bits they don’t tell you.

So I've decided to write a travel blog. Nope. Not what you're thinking. This is not a post about the grandness of the Eiffel or how beautiful the banks of the Seine are. Why? Cause that is mainstream and uninteresting. With its shady corners, buskers and magicians, pickpockets and crazy underground metro stations, Paris holds... Continue Reading →


The Truth About Coaching Institutes

So you've finished your grade ten. The results are out and you've passed with flying colours! And you, much like your peers are exited about starting off with your preparation for various competitive entrance exams. "Which coaching institute are you joining?";  a sentence heard much too often the minute your board exam results are out.... Continue Reading →

Yea, it's been long since I've put up a post. And I have an exam tomorrow.. Nevertheless, here I am blogging. But this post was meant to happen weeks ago! When we are kids, a friend is easy to come by. A friend is someone who wears the same sneakers as you and shares their... Continue Reading →

Results Day!

All right people, so I've got the marks. (The ICSE 10th board marks of course!) I had tried to, like the hundreds of other kids to punch in the required details and demand my results four days before the actual date the results were to come out, but realised soon enough that nothing was going... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Sacrifice.

Allright! So here's another one of those original writings. Although for this one, I've taken a few hints from some other topics, but the sum total of it resulted in this yet another short story. Unlike the other story, this one is very 'Indian' in nature .Read on and tell if me what you thought... Continue Reading →

It Always Seems Impossible until its done.

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase,"It's Impossible!" ? And then, we find ourselves taking that one person's advice and backing away or stepping out of the way while someone else is doing that very thing! That's the nature of impossible. It always seems unattainable until it's done. Yes, it may... Continue Reading →

A Journey To Be Remembered.

As I've said previously before, I'm going to try cough up some original writing on this blog. So here is a short composition/story that I've written. Read it and tell me what you think in the comments down below. Hopefully you'll like the ending! A Journey To Be Remembered. "Look out!", cried the Captain. I... Continue Reading →

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