My Ultimate Bucket List

This post will be dedicated to the goals that I want to accomplish or the things I want to try out in the short term and long term scheme of things. I’ll continuously update it and tick off the things I’ve completed. Hope it inspires you to create your own list! Comment down below to let me know what your goals are!

Career/ Professional goals:

  • Successfully complete Indian Standard 10

–Completed with great marks in 2015. (96 percent overall read more!)

  • Successfully complete Indian Standard 12

–Yet another round of good marks. (May 29, 2017. 94 percent overall!)

  • Get a bachelor’s degree
  • Write 50 programs on HackerRank
  • Participate in a coding competition
  • Successfully complete a computer science internship
  • Make my own app and make it available on the app store
  • Complete an online course with distinction

–(Online Course certificate on HTML and CSS.)

–(Online Course certificate on Java Programming)

Fitness  goals:

  • Run a 5k marathon and eventually a 10k marathon
  • Do a morning workout 30 days in a row
  • Complete one week of a full-body workout (Done. After multiple failed attempts, I finally did it.)

Fun goals:

Travel Goals:

Places to visit :

  •  Las Vegas
  • Paris 
  • Rome
  • Malta
  • Bora Bora
  • Venice
  • Japan
  • Visit a place and stay there for at least a month and get a small job during the stay.
  • Go on a camping trek up the Himalayan Ranges.

Social goals:

Life Goals:

  • Buy a house for parents
  • Be self – sufficient
  • Read 1000 books (I’ve made a separate page for the reviews of each book I read)
  • Maintain atleast three strong friendships for life
  • Go to a live taping of The Ellen Show

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