The Truth About Coaching Institutes

So you’ve finished your grade ten. The results are out and you’ve passed with flying colours! And you, much like your peers are exited about starting off with your preparation for various competitive entrance exams.

“Which coaching institute are you joining?“;  a sentence heard much too often the minute your board exam results are out. And why not?  Isn’t attending a coaching institute the only way to clear competitive examinations? I would like to share my experience with you about the two coaching institutes that I’ve had awful experiences with over the years.

Starting off with BYJU. I joined BYJU coaching before starting off with grade ten .(currently I am in grade 12)  The commute time took around one hour for a one way trip. Nevertheless, my parents and I worked out a plan for the travel. The teachers at BYJU were almost always late to the class. By the end of one week, only one physics and one math class was taken while the rest of the classes were filled with chemistry lessons as the other teachers were unavailable at the time. At times, when no teachers were available we were shown videos of topics on Youtube. The coaching centre location was changed almost every third class. The fee amount was un-proportionate to the facilities provided.  All these incidents and lack of teaching skills and wastage of time led me to drop BYJU in a month. Overall, it was not a good experience. I did quite well in my tenth grade scoring 96% without BYJU or any other tuition.

After the completion of tenth grade, my parents and I decided to join FIITJEE Integrated Curriculum as we felt that it is a norm nowadays; and to get a good college it is necessary to join a reputed institute.

At FITTJEE we were divided into three batches based on a admission test (FTRE) score. In a span of two months, the chemistry teacher left and the new chemistry was not good at explaining concepts at all. In general, I must say that the teachers are knowledgeable. They know everything except how to slow down or to maintain interest of the pupil in the subject. The HOD teachers are only provided to the best batch of 20 students while minimal attention is given to all the other 150 students studying. The FIITJEE notes are a compilation of objective type questions with minimalistic explanation of concepts. They are filled with errors or incorrect questions and answers which lowers the confidence level of the student. They claim to shuffle classes after every term in order to optimise learning process but all this does is create stress instead of a healthy learning environment.All of their posters show a few successful candidates. The thousands who didn’t get a good enough rank are always hidden in background.These issues led me to drop FIITJEE coaching in the middle of grade level and join a different school with CBSE curriculum.

I highly recommend you to read this well written post Visit To FITTJEE And Review to gain a true insight on the FITJEE institute.

Overall I feel like coaching institutes such as these have made education a true ‘business’. According to statistics, 53 percent of all IIT entrants in the past year had self studied.

At the end of the day, it is not the coaching classes which will get you a good university. It is You that will get you a good university.




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  1. Hey Ravija! First of all congratulations for scoring 96% in your 10th boards and yes, you have also quoted the truth very well.
    You know what, dreaming for IITs even without having interest in science and technology is what we Indians are collectively doing wrong! No offences but more and more students are enrolling into the coaching institutes and then ending up with nothing. Hence the majority of students are getting into Indian Institutes because of self preparation. And regarding FIITJEE, their AITS is like a hell! They gave me nightmares! They are not for JEE preparation – they are much more than that. Leave.
    But I must tell you the education system in India is sucking y/o minds day-by-day. And regarding entrance exams like JEE, students are only determined by 3-3 hours written exams. We should adopt a flexible and multidimensional system where mere written examinations are not the criteria for judging the brilliant minds. And if India is continue to do that, then more no. of students would switch towards U.S. and SAT like exams in the near future. Well, it is happening.
    Sorry if I bored you and talked a lot but your post was the only reason for pouring out my heart right here 🙂


    1. Firstly, thank you for the read. I entirely agree with you and feel that Indian system needs desperate revamping.
      Just checked the news recently and heard that government is banning coaching institutes at Kota due to the high suicide rate. First step toward a change hopefully!:)
      Thank You again.


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