GIIS Scholarship Exam Singapore.

As I prepared myself for the GIIS scholarship exam, it was absolutely no surprise that I found no data on the internet about the syllabus or the difficulty level of the exam whatsoever, and went into the exam hall just as clueless as the other students taking the same exam. So, having faced the GIIS exam today, I have decided to give a brief overview about the types of questions asked and the topics covered in each subject, namely- Maths, English and Mental Ability. Of course, this is only about the paper that I wrote, and the test pattern may keep changing every year.


The key topics asked in the maths exam were:

  • Area and circumference of circles
  • Properties related to circles
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • LCM and HCF
  • Polynomials
  • Percentages
  • Permutation and Combination

I can recall a few questions on numerical ability, but none were on trigonometry or matrices. The duration of the paper is 75 minutes.


When filling out the application form before taking the test, there are two options- IBDP and CBSE. Your choice out of this depends on what English paper you get. I highly recommend choosing CBSE. The IBDP paper has a short passage, and test takers are asked to write a commentary on the passage for 30 marks. As compared to this, the CBSE paper has multiple questions such as changing into active-passive voice, preposition usage, and a short essay on any one out of the three given topics.


Mental Ability- this paper had a few objective types, one subjective type, and about two or three multiple answer type questions. Number series and figure analogy questions are quite important. Equally important is the knowledge of permutation and combination to attempt this section. A few questions are based on basic maths.

The last five objective type questions of the paper are related to current affairs. A few current affairs’ I faced in my paper were on Indian city nicknames, prime minister of a country, art award winners, etc.

So yeah! That’s about it for the GIIS Exam. Given that only the scholars who score 85% and above in their ninth and tenth grades get to write this test, I would say that the difficulty level is easy to moderate. But don’t get deceived by this, because according to my calculations the cut-off percentile is going to be above 98%.

Good Luck and Cheers!

-Ravija Maheshwari


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