Review: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

With a backdrop of Taliban ruled Afghanistan, The Kite Runner is story about the immensely touching friendship of Amir-belonging to royal ‘Pashtun’ blood and Hassan- a mere ‘Hazara’ servant boy. The story is setup in Kabul in Afghanistan and partly in America.

This book is a masterpiece in more ways than one. Khaled Hosseini has beautifully woven the friendship of Amir and Hassan right from their days of childhood. The story goes on to tell how one irreversible decision can haunt a person for their entire life, how one lie can form huge boundaries, how friendships are formed and broken, how distances can crush relationships, how killing people in the name of God suddenly becomes acceptable and finally how just a single step towards the truth can help in erasing all the guilt away!

It is a very fast paced novel with no loose ends. Every time I kept the book down , for a  break, I felt the urge to pick it up and continue reading it until I reach the ending. The last chapter of the story is very well written and the story has quite a satisfying ending. It is truly an amazing story that will stay with you no matter how heartbreaking.

~~ Ravija Maheshwari.


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