A Journey To Be Remembered.

As I’ve said previously before, I’m going to try cough up some original writing on this blog. So here is a short composition/story that I’ve written. Read it and tell me what you think in the comments down below. Hopefully you’ll like the ending!

A Journey To Be Remembered.

“Look out!”, cried the Captain.

I had just about managed to steer clear of the gigantic icebergs that had appeared out of nowhere! The piercing screams of the winds rattled my eardrums. I was standing on the deck of one of the greatest ships of all time, ‘The Emerald’.

It all started when my great grand uncle and I decided to take one last journey around the world. The year was 1853. My uncle was a famous sailor of his time. His love for ships exceeded his love for just about anything else. “But Alas!”, he was old now and his age kept him back from sailing.”Not without one last journey!”, he had enthusiastically told me.

We started our journey on the 15th of August, 1853. It was not a very bright day, but would that make my uncle delay his plans? Of course not! We began the journey by deciding the course of the journey which would cross Europe, all the way south to South Asia and back. For the first few days of our journey, I helped along with the controlling of the ship and even got to control the steering wheel once! On the third day,a series of thuds woke me up. As I walked onto the deck to check what all this was about, I was greeted by a great wave of glistening green ocean water! Yes, that truly woke me up! The captain was nowhere in sight. I took control of the steering wheel just as I heard a deep voice behind me scream “Look Out!”. I had just about managed to steer the Emerald away from a huge iceberg in the sea. The captain took control of the ship again. It was getting dark now. Drenched in salty, ocean water , I saw him worried for the first time. As the strong waves ceased, he sat down gazing intently at the disintegrating piece of map in his hand. “No.. No this can’t be..This is not good”, he said as he continued to stare at the map. It was later that he told me that a hurricane was forecast-ed to come our way and that it would approach us at the midnight a few hours away from now. I was shocked!

“Can we not change our path uncle?”, I asked him.

“I already have; but the hurricane’s fast approaching. There is no way we would avoid it in time”, he replied.

Was this the end?

We began making preparations. As night came in, my uncle told me to get rest while he would control the wheel and stay on watch. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep that night. A few hours later the ship started bobbing up and down, much more than it usually would. As I walked up to the deck to check the first thing I noticed was that a fresh gush of midnight black ocean water had evaded the deck. I tried to keep my balance as I walked towards the Captain.

“Are we-” , my words were broken when the ship hit an enormous iceberg present in the ocean water. The ship was breaking apart. I lost my balance and slipped right into deep ocean!I had swallowed a gallon of water, and was drowning in the icy cold ocean.

The next thing I knew? I was being shook violently by my uncle. It was a surprisingly clear night. My eyes fluttered open and I realized I was on a float made up of wood pieces of varying sizes tied together which a thick rope.

“I see land! I see land!”, squealed my uncle in childish delight.

“How long have I been unconscious”, I asked him.

His excitement kept him from answering my question.

On reaching land, we got off our float and the ocean water twinkled under my footfrints before sinking in the soft sand. I was happy beyond limits! We were safe at last! “What IS this place?” , I questioned my uncle. As he looked into his map to check , he realised this place was nowhere on the map!

Six years later, I sat on one of the plush red chairs and applauded as my uncle walked onto the stage.

“And the next award goes to Sir Christopher Columbus, one of the greatest sailors in the world for the discovery of North America!”, said the announcer.


6 thoughts on “A Journey To Be Remembered.

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  1. Dear Nohnie,
    You are a true genius and you have re-shaped my world and view on the Columbian exchange with your all mighty, powerful words!!
    Keep writing!!
    I am your biggest fan!!
    According to me I have a bad memory but do you remember the kid who used to talk a lot and argue in 7th and 8 th grade?? That kid is… Never mind!
    The kid

    (If you remember who the kid is/was, reply.ASAP
    Use the hints I have given Sherlock


  2. Whatever your doing here is amazing! Loved this composition ’cause it reminded me of a similar composition i wrote when i was younger with the same ending 😛
    However this one is much better! It’s really great!
    Keep posting!
    Lots of love,


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